LEO Pharma personalizes consumer health information: How Sitecore powers a patient-centric solution

LEO Pharma, a global pharmaceutical firm with deep expertise in dermatology, is launching a consumer-centric solution for managing chronic skin conditions, focusing initially on psoriasis. QualityCare™ from LEO Pharma is designed to engage people aware of this disease, and provide them with tailored, relevant, and useful information about the nature of their condition and ways to address their concerns. Powered by Sitecore as a comprehensive platform for dynamic customer engagement, QualityCare™ combines a personalized digital presence and the real-time collaboration with healthcare professionals. LEO Pharma relies on the platform services from Sitecore, augmented by additional technologies, to harness its knowledge and insights about options for coping with chronic conditions.


When it comes to managing a chronic disease, consumers are going to turn to health care professionals for information about diagnosis and treatments. But when their situations involve quick remedies or the need for emotional support, people are going to seek the support of family, friends, and fellow patients. Thus personalized information delivered over the web can help to address their concerns.

For their part, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers are looking for ways to empower people with relevant information and timely insights. There is more to medical care than appointments, drugs, and treatments. In the digital age, consumers and providers are not limited to realtime conversations and office visits.

In fact, digital information may have an impact on the overall quality of care. According to a recent Federal government report, “Consumer health information delivered through digital channels may effectively engage consumers, enhance traditional clinical interventions, and improve both intermediate and clinical health outcomes.”

Let’s consider how an innovative application can build on this trend through personalized information delivery. 


Sitecore, a comprehensive platform for dynamic customer engagement, powers this consumer-centric solution. QualityCare™ also includes a variety of complementary technologies. LEO Pharma retains the intellectual property rights to QualityCare™.

As a result, the integrated platform combines the capabilities of a personalized digital presence and real-time collaboration for dynamic content delivery. With the development and digital branding expertise of Vertic, its systems integration partner, LEO Pharma manages customer experiences and harnesses its expertise to deliver relevant information.

Specifically, Sitecore combines core digital marketing capabilities with state-of-the-art tools for automating the information flows and engaging users around important topics. By personalizing the digital experience, QualityCare™ is able to deliver relevant content that builds awareness, adds insights, increases loyalty, and drives a value-added service. This service reinforces LEO Pharma’s brand as a global pharmaceutical firm.

Integral to QualityCare™, Sitecore maintains a single, comprehensive platform for supporting:

  • Predictive personalization
  • Engagement automation
  • Email outreach
  • Enablement with pharmaceutical and clinical systems
  • Customer engagement analytics

Sitecore mobilizes customer experiences by structuring content through responsive design templates and managing the flow of content with smartphones and tablets.

With Sitecore, LEO Pharma is able to manage detailed dialogs about clinical and psychological information related to a chronic disease. The firm is able to easily track results and continually update consumer experiences. It can engage people who are concerned about a chronic disease, and raise awareness around a branded experience across multiple channels. 


LEO Pharma demonstrates how it is possible to rethink the delivery of consumer health information. The firm harnesses its expertise beyond specific drugs and introduces an innovative application for delivering personalized information to address consumers’ concerns.

When it comes to the maturity of its implementation, LEO Pharma highlights how an organization can engage with its customers to maintain ongoing relationships. LEO Pharma establishes a single and comprehensive view of customers’ interests. This single view combines user data from both on- and offline channels and anticipates their future needs.

Engaging customers is an important step toward maintaining ongoing and lifetime relationships. As demonstrated by QualityCare™, consumer engagement management is a key to success.