Belgian health insurer OZ sees 40% increase in online customers and reaches its annual sales target in just six months

OZ is a fast-growing, top ten mutual health insurance provider in Belgium, serving 415,000 customers in the Flanders region of Belgium, offering a broad range of services from hospitalization insurance to dental care plans. OZ is part of MLOZ, the National Union of Health Insurance Funds (l’Union Nationale des Mutualités Libres) which represents six Belgian mutual health insurers, with MLOZ providing shared operational IT and administrative processes for more than 2 million customers.


OZ wanted to deliver a better digital experience for its customers, to let them manage more of their healthcare requirements online, and to also personalize the experience to the individual needs of each customer. Its existing self-service portal Mijn OZ (My OZ) could not personalize content, and operated separately from the main website – this lack of integration meant that OZ could not introduce complementary products.

Site uptime on Mijn OZ was low - averaging 89%, compared to industry standard uptime of 99.9%, which frustrated users. The portal was complex to maintain, and required resources from both OZ and MLOZs’ IT teams - even uploading new content required IT intervention.

OZ started to look for another platform that delivered a more personalized, relevant customer experience on a more stable platform. The solution would also need to be much easier to maintain, allowing their e-business teams to manage the website without IT intervention, and to start to drive additional cross sell/up sell products such as travel insurance.

Because of the nature of the OZ’s services, regulatory compliance was an essential requirement, especially regarding privacy and data protection, and to ensure the new solution would be supported by all internal stakeholders.


OZ, together with MLOZ, looked at customer experience management platforms that could improve their customers’ experience and help their business teams take control and manage the portal. Through internal workshop sessions, OZ chose the Sitecore Experience Platform for its proven stability, strong technical architecture and ease-of use for front and back-end management. Sitecore easily manages multiple internal users across its e-business and IT teams, who are assigned specific profile roles to ensure security and compliance.

OZ implemented the Sitecore platform, taking advantage of its ability to manage multiple languages, and rapidly deployable flexible design templates. Sitecore is fully integrated with both OZ and MLOZ’s back-end web services and databases, making Mijn OZ the central hub for 24/7 on-line self-service, and also allowing for cross-sell of products.

The new platform allows customers to generate personalized PDF documents and benefit from personalized content, giving the customer much more control over their interactions with the company.


Mijn OZ has helped the company reach its annual sales target within six months – increasing online customers by 40%. Site user numbers also increased by 20% to more than 100,000 customers online; site visits have doubled to 180,000 per month. Web site visits are now longer, increasing by 6%.

Website uptime is now at an industry standard 99.9%. Security and password renewal has significantly improved with the Sitecore platform to enhance compliance. The E-business team manage Mijn OZ, and have introduced more personalized content for each customer, now distributing 25,000 digital documents per month, a 150% increase.

With more customers receiving personalized content and being able to download documentation, calls to the OZ call center have decreased, helping reduce workload. The success of the renewed Mijn OZ convinced the company to use it as a framework for upcoming new digital projects, such as an upload for digital forms, e-signage for contracts, procurement management, billing services integrations and more.


“We built a solid future-proof website and customer portal that serves as a marketing and client self-service platform, one that reflects OZ’s values and strengthens the brand proposition.”.

Frederik Taevernier
Key Account Manager - The Reference

The Reference