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  • Create an enterprise solution
  • Optimize online operations for four key lines of business
  • Unify and personalize user experience
  • Provide staff members with data
  • Create new marketing and sales opportunities
  • Implement intelligent search
  • Ability to quickly scale to ever evolving business needs



  • Streamlined user experience
  • Enabled seamless searchability of content and information
  • Simplified the user journey with a single sign-on feature
  • Reduced maintenance issues for staff
  • Created opportunities for upselling
  • Increased users (13%); mobile users (64%)
  • Decreased bounce rate by 10%
  • Grew e-commerce sales by 20%

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Platinum Solution Partner

Avanade is a Sitecore Platinum Solution and Hosting Partner with a global team of 27,000+ professionals includes digital strategists, designers, and services delivery experts. Their deep expertise includes delivering marketing content management (WCM), analytics, marketing automation, web optimization, and mobility solutions.

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