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  • Replace a clunky platform that had disconnected technical components
  • Repair a broken content management system
  • Upgrade both site design and infrastructure
  • Deliver a seamless end-to-end customer experience across all devices, powered by marketing data
  • Make it easier and faster to create content





  • Gained a 360-degree view of customers
  • Delivered new and individualized experiences to customers
  • Made it much easier to find relevant content with an improved user interface
  • Reduced labor-intensiveform filling
  • Cut time and technical skills required to manage and create content, from three hours to just five minutes
  • Used marketing data (e.g. audience insights,traffic volumes, campaign KPIs) to drive further improvements
  • Received outstanding survey feedback from customers and employees for livelier and faster user journeys

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Platinum Solution Partner

Avanade is a Sitecore Platinum Solution and Hosting Partner with a global team of 27,000+ professionals includes digital strategists, designers, and services delivery experts. Their deep expertise includes delivering marketing content management (WCM), analytics, marketing automation, web optimization, and mobility solutions.

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