Bachman's, Inc.






Advancing e-commerce

Founded 138 years ago, Bachman’s is the premier floral, home and garden retailer in Minnesota. It remains family-owned, with fifth-generation Bachman family members leading the company today. The retailer had invested in its online presence but wanted to improve brand consistency to match the company’s customer-centric in-store experience and expand the breadth of products and services available online. Customers expected their digital web and mobile experience to offer multiple purchase and delivery options, loyalty rewards, and buy-online-pickup-in-store features. Launching content on the previous website was complex and cumbersome, and performance was slow. Bachman’s wanted to create a more personalized, modern customer experience with advanced search and purchase capabilities and robust content that the company could manage timely and efficiently.


Capitalizing composable architecture

With Sitecore business partner, Horizontal Digital, Bachman’s shifted its digital experience environment to a cloud-native SaaS platform. Bachman’s deployed Sitecore OrderCloud as part of a composable architecture. Bachman’s digital experience platform integrates Sitecore OrderCloud with other SaaS technologies for search, content management, tax compliance, and payment processing. Streamlining e-commerce by integrating SaaS applications in a composable architecture made site and content management easier and faster. Online order processing is more efficient, and customer service training has improved by using live data, further enhancing the customer experience.


Maximizing online experience

Bachman’s is now giving its customers a significantly improved purchase journey and has enhanced its ability to grow its business and compete against much larger market players. Its improved online experience and seamless ordering and fulfillment process has seen Bachman’s customers spend 11.47% longer on the website with first-time website users increasing by 14.63%. Bachman’s has realized a 9.92% improvement in website conversion rates with average order values growing by 6.31%. Website navigation has also been improved, with faster page load times making it easier for visitors to find and order the products they want. Critical to success and essential for Bachman’s time-sensitive business, the company is maintaining high levels of performance through peak seasonal buying periods like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and garden season.