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  • Innovate to deliver the best possible shopping experience 
  • Provide multi-channel options for customers: when, where, and how they want it
  • Embark on digital transformation journey to impact culture, technology and ways of working
  • Achieve the goal of “Winning Online,” all in the service of great customer and business outcomes
  • Bring together web browsing and shopping into an App so customers can start on a browser and finish on the app, providing a consistent digital shopping experience
  • Offer 15,000 total products across 120 stores with 100’s of changes every week



  • Sitecore Commerce (XC 9.0)
  • Sitecore Experience Database (xDB)
  • Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA 1.7)
  • Sitecore Experience Cloud
  • Integrations include:
    • Algolia for product and search capability
    • FSNI Service Layer for product details, images and pricing 
    • Mapbox for the delivery map
    • Paymark for the payment provider
    • Google Maps for the map for Click and Collect



  • Supported the needs of the shopper who finds browser-based shopping more convenient
  • Extended the shopping channel to the web broadening reach and increased web traffic
  • Grew the online channel whilst meeting the overall required profitability levels of the business 
  • Built new demand prediction models
  • Increased staff to keep up with demand and order picking
  • 170% increase in the number of orders generated a 158% uplift in sales 

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AKQA, one of the world's most award-winning agencies, uses digital strategy, creativity and technology to create strong brand experiences, customer journeys and concepts. They specialize in creating omnichannel solutions that deliver value across all digital touchpoints.

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