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  • Increasingly competitive environment and complex consumer path to purchase
  • 34 brand portfolio across 60 countries
  • Control each brand’s unique expression and territory, with an eye to consumer aspirations
  • Scale the technology in an agile, safe and economic way
  • Of 3,000 live L’Oréal websites, only 20% of them were driving the bulk of traffic
  • Provide cost-effective localization while maintaining the core marketing model
  • Roll out new services —as quickly as needed across brands and countries





  • Launched the “The Website Factory” (WSF) at L’Oréal
  • Provided a unique digital solution to deploy content websites across all of our brands, zones and countries
  • Reusable web templates allowed individual brands with different and specific needs to create and deploy flagship websites quickly and easily, while maintaining brand consistency
  • By end of 2019 : +400 sites under Sitecore managed by L’OrealWebsite Factory
  • Realized cost savings from consolidating 10 websites to 1
  • New website load time dropped from 10 to less than 3 seconds

Platinum Solution Partner

Valtech is a global digital agency with expertise in technology, innovation, marketing, and experience design, and has a core passion for addressing transformational business challenges for clients. Valtech holds the belief that differentiation comes from orchestrating seamless experiences around the customer—by rethinking the customer journey and implementing the right, fully connected solution.

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