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  • Compete in the highly dynamic and fast-growing energy market.
  • Get customers and prospects to engage with company via digital touchpoints vs. calling or visiting stores.
  • Shorten user journeys: Help visitors find relevant information faster.
  • Standardize on a modern scalable framework on which many digital properties can be centrally managed.
  • Develop segmentation and journey maps to define customer-centric digital experiences.
  • Build data-driven analytics framework for predictive profiling and targeted content.
  • Integrate third-party services and websites while tracking visitor interaction on non-Sitecore sites.



  • 33% greater web traffic to job application site using predictive profiling for three personas.
  • 24% decrease in power supply sales cycle through personalized web navigation.
  • Data-driven analytics framework for targeted content delivery within sites and campaigns.
  • Improved flexibility and governance of content presentation from single, global web platform.
  • Successful profiling and personalization as foundation for extending to all customer segments.

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