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  • Create online commerce channel to grow revenue
  • Deliver world-class customer experience to maintain customer loyalty
  • Evolve from brochureware site to agile digital presence
  • Target messaging, imagery for appeal to new customers



  • Deploy a robust platform that combines speed, scalability, and customization with the ability to integrate with customer support applications.
  • Optimize and personalize content for better user engagement
  • Adopt tools to collect and leverage customer data for more intelligent marketing decisions



  • Enabled e-commerce, campaign, and geolocation-based personalization
  • Accelerated time to market 50% for cross-selling, upselling bundled offerings
  • Reduced load times by 80%, increased conversion rates 35%
  • Integrated website with helpdesk; freed staff for high-value customer care
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy in customer communications, from provisioning to support requests

Platinum Solution Partner

EPAM is a global team of strategists, designers, developers, and architects who collaborate with Sitecore customers to solve the biggest business challenges through the creative application of design thinking and technology solutions.

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