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  • Transform Sitecore.com into a personalization showcase
  • Meet and guide customers wherever they are on their Sitecore journey
  • Feed Sitecore sales and marketing pipeline
  • Drive success for Sitecore and its customers  



  • Site traffic increased 20%
  • Visitors stayed 20% longer; 5% more time spent on key information pages
  • Campaign landing page bounce rate declined 23%; overall bounce rate declined 10% 
  • Search impressions increased by 100,000 

“One of the key pillars with the Sitecore redesign and website relaunch was ensuring the user experience was front and center. We wanted to make sure the content was there, and the experience was there as well. One month after launch, the time onsite increased by 17% and the bounce rate decreased by 10%. Visitors were also spending more time on key information pages.” 

― Blair Roebuck, Lead, Marketing & Data Science, Valtech

Personalization options increase engagement

The transformed Sitecore website is meeting visitors where they are at any stage of their engagement with the Sitecore platform — from beginners just learning Sitecore’s offerings, to “power users” diving into advanced analytic and commerce capabilities. Significantly, the new site has shifted from product-orientation to being customer-first, and the results validate the new content and information architecture.

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