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  • Attract new customers, reduce churn, and improve customer self-service options
  • Personalize an omnichannel experience
  • Establish brand identify
  • Develop a mobile app with different content strategies – push notification
  • Implement a website for mobile device and subscription purchases
  • Develop an internal call center site for employee data lookups
  • Fully online company with no physical stores


  • Optimized cross-channel customer experiences
  • Improved customer experience by pushing relevant content via web, mobile and email, based on user data
  • 50% increase in cross-sells through e-mail and personalization 
  • 10% increase in digital sales
  • Reduced churn
  • Implemented and offered data traffic rollover for customers before competition

Sitecore Rules Engine and marketing automation deliver results

Today, Talkmore delivers relevant, personalized customer information synchronized across marketing channels. Pages present differently for new visitors compared to existing customers. Data is consistent across emails, the customer web portal, the mobile app, and call center views — and drives targeted messaging.

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