Digital transformation through data-driven personalization

Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Norway's first pure Internet-based mobile subscription service, Talkmore AS, wanted to reach the right customer at the right time with the right offer — family plans, service bundles, discounts — and make it a seamless experience. Siloed systems and website limitations hampered this. Talkmore was functioning at an earlier stage of the Sitecore Digital Experience Maturity Model, which describes the evolutionary pathway to building lifetime customers. It undertook a digital transformation to enrich relationships through data-driven personalization.  

We’ll be able to ask, how much of our new sales are generated by the various channels? What are the click rates with email personalization? With Sitecore’s flexibility and speed, we can understand and meet customer needs faster and better than our competitors.

Håvard Hauglin

Digital Manager,


60 employees