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The most innovative companies choose Sitecore

Digital upgrade drives up membership and engagement at HIA

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Personalization drives 50% higher engagement at TelstraSuper

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SDC delivers cost-effective digital banking with Sitecore

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Danone and the mother’s journey

Danone Nutricia used engaging content for new mothers to dramatically increase growth.

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Carving a path to a successful headless business

P&G delivers autonomy, drives engagement with JoltX, a flexible, easy-to-use platform

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Category Winner
michelin website screenshot
Michelin Experiences transforms digital delivery with Sitecore Content Hub

Michelin’s streamlined image management reduces publication times from days to minutes with Sitecore SaaS solution

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Cochlear website
Global medical device leader expands market with Sitecore

Cochlear implant leader trusts Sitecore technology to support marketing expansion from B2B to B2C in China

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family hugging and smiling girl
Sitecore drives up Trustpilot rating for social housing group

Social housing group gains 30% more registrations, 40% more online payments, significant cost savings and an improved Trustpilot rating with Sitecore

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2 image collage showing a couple in hotel with view of the palm trees and a plate with gourmet food
Travel images published faster with Sitecore

World-renowned travel guide has streamlined image management, reducing publication times from days to minutes with Sitecore Content Hub.

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Charity improves access to information with Sitecore

UK charity is providing website visitors with a better, more relevant content journey with Sitecore Digital Experience Platform

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people working on laptops
Leading pension fund leverages Sitecore-powered personalization to engage young investors

Global pension fund delivers 95% more monthly logins, 50% more self-service, while personalized experiences drive up awareness among young investors

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emirates nbd website
Emirates NBD increases customer engagement by 92% with Sitecore personalization

Leading UAE bank’s lifestyle app More delivers accurately targeted offers and uses Sitecore personalization to increase new user sign-ups by 40%

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insignia website
Insignia Financial transforms CX with Sitecore

Insignia Financial drives up customer engagement with 5% more page views, 10% longer sessions, and 25% more returning visitors

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Ultimate Experience Award Winner
hia website
HIA drives 157% increase in revenue with Sitecore

Australian construction association improves performance with 500% more membership sign ups, 184% rise in total orders, and 48% increase in page visits

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Category Winner
BHP website
BHP brings its future-focused vision online with Sitecore

Mining company BHP transforms website experience with a cutting-edge design and cohesive content that better represents the company’s vision.

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