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Sitecore Personalization Directory

This is a complete directory of personalization content and explanations of personalization approaches and techniques for Sitecore XP. This directory has links to ebooks, webpages, webinars and training and should give you all the information you need to understand what personalization is, how to prepare for it technically, and how to plan and think about it strategically.

Personalization guides and checklists

Start with this guide which will take you through all of our personalization materials.
Assessment designed by Sitecore to see how digitally mature your organization is.
Sitecore 9.0 – 9.3, this guide provides insight to help you get the most out of your solution’s personalization capabilities.
This ebook explains all personalization tools offered by Sitecore. Plus, view four Marketing Hacks videos to ensure you have the right set-up.
A short guide on establishing the right team for managing and implementing your personalization strategy.
Use our checklists to see if you have the right Sitecore set up to start personalization.
A great intro and overview of personalization and how to get started.
10 ways to start some easy personalization on your websites.
Experience Analytics and Engagement Value - how do you assign a value and measure the impact?
This ebook covers the 9 keys to driving stronger relationships — one customer at a time.
Free online course using video, PDF and interactive learning for personalization planning, tools and strategy.
CS101 - free learning -  go to the section specifically for marketers.
CS101 - free learning - go to the section specifically  about technically planning.
This is specifically for the UX and design teams to help them think about personalization in UX and design.
Using Sitecore rules - setting up rules to help you determine what content is shown based on visitor activity.


Webinar with Alison Sainsbury: Learn about the companies offering personalized experiences and what team you need.
Build a business case and develop a clear perspective on the benefits and ROI available from your personalization.
A general intro to creating content and building forms and using the workflow.
Increase the quality of your website engagement, using engagement value and evaluate the quality of your digital experience.
Learn how to set up A/B tests straight from Workflow. Let Sitecore Cortex help you find your visitor segments.
How do you plan personalization across multiple sites.
10 tactics for optimizing the commerce experience.


From Sitecore 10 onwards - a game changer in achieving the personalization your customers expect.
Quick data sheet on Sitecore AI.

Non-sitecore materials

Non-official Sitecore video guides to personalization.
Non-official Sitecore video guides to setting up a campaign in Sitecore.