The Sitecore Learning Experience Design Team has created 22 uniquely dynamic eCourse learning solutions, along with four completely redesigned instructor-led training courses. The new eCourses allow you to customize your own training experience on demand. These are not your traditional online training classes. Each course has options for every type of learner whether you prefer reading, watching, a hands-on experience, or making it fun. Don’t take the learn-as-you-go route. Become an expert now, and get started off right.

Sitecore eCourses are more than online training videos

We’ve created the Sitecore eCourses to empower you with the right expertise for taking full advantage of your Sitecore solutions. But we also took our eCourses to the next level with you in mind. What makes our eCourses unique is that each course has been crafted so you can decide what learning style works best for you. The goal is for you to take away more from the experience. 

How does it work? Our courses have learning modules for you to choose from, enabling you to create a personalized experience for yourself. Based on your preference, you can learn by reading, watching video, doing hands-on product simulations, or playing, which includes puzzle-style animations for reinforcing your training. When other learning courses you’ve used in the past may have felt exhaustive cycling through one type of interaction, these will ensure you’re exploring deeper into interest areas that enable you to exit feeling more knowledgeable and inspired.

The eCourses are offered in single training classes or you can register for a Digital Classroom Package for a comprehensive knowledge base regarding a specific topic. Our eCourses are available on-demand, anywhere. Once you register, you can access your trainings from a laptop, tablet, or mobile device.  

Get started using Sitecore eCourses for the new product releases

Sitecore eCourses are the best way to learn about new product releases. On Monday, we released Sitecore® Experience Platform™ (XP) 9.2, plus our new Sitecore Content Marketing Platform (CMP), which is also integrated as part of our new Sitecore Content Hub™ 3.2 release. The updates have opened up new capabilities with JavaScript Services (JSS), Sitecore Experience Accelerator (SXA), Sitecore Manage Cloud, and more. 

Here is just a sampling of the new eCourses available to you:

  • Introduction + Installing Sitecore XP 9.2

    Help your organization quickly and effectively get your Sitecore environment ready for tomorrow’s needs. Take the introduction eCourse to gain the essential skills and knowledge required to manage the platform and feel confident about the relevant technical details. We offer the Installing Sitecore XP eCourse to guide you through the requirements for a successful Sitecore XP installation, as well as the installation process itself.
  • Introduction + Fast-Track design in SXA

    SXA will help your organization expedite your digital go-to-market strategy while reducing implementation costs and total ownership costs. Start off with the introduction eCourse for an overview of the essentials you need to build a website and organize content through SXA. Move up to the Fast-Track Design in Sitecore SXA eCourse to learn how to work with page and partial designs, create components, assign renderings, customize component renderings, and innovate your design through personalization and testing features.
  • Personalization and Experience Optimization for Sitecore XP 9.2

    This course will help your organization utilize Sitecore XP to build a better customer experience on your websites. You will learn to strategically optimize your site and make customer interactions more effective and measurable. You will gain practical guidance on how to use testing to identify what works best with your customers. After this course, you will be able to better align your customer experiences with your strategic objectives.
  • Sitecore JSS Fundamentals

    Sitecore JSS will enable your organization to create a headless omnichannel customer experience that is reliable and easy to use. This course is designed for Sitecore and JSS developers who are building web applications and need an overview of where to begin. Completing this course will enable developers to build web applications using the JSS software development kit (SDK) disconnected from Sitecore using the code-first approach.
  • Getting Started with Managed Cloud for Sitecore XP 9.2

    Sitecore’s Managed Cloud will help your organization reduce operational costs and deployment risks, plus improve time to market. This course is designed for Sitecore customers and partners who are deploying a Sitecore Managed Cloud solution for the first time and need an overview of where to begin. Completing this course will enable architects to fast-track implementation and de-risk the design process.
  • Context Marketing Fundamentals (Digital Classroom Package)

    Featuring five eCourses, the Context Marketing Fundamentals track will help you deliver a personalized experience to your users by implementing visitor data collection and Machine Learning. You will get a complete overview of your customers by tracking their journeys, storing their data, and examining their journey results. This information will allow you to deliver targeted content personalization and ensure the optimal customer experience.
  • Building Solutions using Sitecore® Helix (Digital Classroom Package)

    Sitecore Helix will help your organization maximize the value of your Sitecore solution and as a Sitecore developer. Take the two Helix eCourses to make your implementation easier to maintain and extend. This course is specially tailored for developers and architects to help create highly modular and layered solutions that are extensively scalable.

Check out the full catalog of our new eCourse learning solutions.

Beth Broderson is Chief Customer Officer at Sitecore. Find her on LinkedIn.