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Why SaaS? Cloud and the future of content management

SaaS (Software as a Service) equips organizations to intelligently tailor engagements to the individual from first touch to conversion and beyond. With infrastructure and upgrades taken care of, teams are free to focus on what matters — the customer experience.

Chapter 1

What’s the big deal with SaaS?

The SaaS market is growing rapidly. As business models adapt to innovations in technology, SaaS applications have become indispensable to the way modern businesses work. These applications provide unprecedented flexibility, enable teams to collaborate effectively across the globe, and unburden both IT and marketing teams.

But as SaaS falls into the ever-growing pool of martech buzzwords, it's important to break down the what and why of a SaaS content management system (CMS) so you can consider the long-term impact a SaaS investment can have on your ability to gain and maintain a competitive edge.

Chapter 2

What is a SaaS CMS?

Simply put, a SaaS solution is software that exists entirely in a cloud environment versus on premise. With an on-premise CMS, for example, the solution is installed on your company's infrastructure and managed by your IT team. With a SaaS CMS, the solution is provided as a service, reducing the need for both software infrastructure and the teams to maintain that infrastructure.

While this reveals the primary difference between SaaS and on-premise software solutions, it only scratches the surface of its benefits. The scalability and flexibility of the cloud also equips teams to efficiently manage any volume of content from any location. And with Sitecore SaaS, the solution is headless. The decoupled architecture of headless empowers different teams to work concurrently across the globe, frees marketers to create content once and deliver it anywhere, and releases back-end developers to build user experiences with the tools they know and love. 

Chapter 3

What are the benefits of investing in a SaaS CMS?

With SaaS, there’s no need to worry about uptime, support, or maintenance. Freed from these concerns, organizations can focus on delivering exceptional customer experiences and iterating quickly to improve them based on customer cues and data. Whether you’re a mid-market business looking to spin up a site quickly, or an enterprise organization needing to support multiple brands across regions and languages, SaaS offers big benefits. As we advance our development of Sitecore SaaS, our vision is to enable customers to derive more value and reap all the benefits associated with SaaS platforms across the board.

Time to value

Given the pace of digital, the old saying "time is money" has never been truer. A SaaS platform gets your experiences live faster. Efficient and simple installation gets you off the ground quickly. But the advantages really come through once you’re flying — and able to launch new experiences in a fraction of the time compared with traditional on-premise solutions. With neither upfront licensing fees nor the need to invest in or implement the hardware required to run the software, Sitecore’s SaaS subscription model decreases initial costs as well.

Maintenance and management

How much time does your organization spend monitoring applications? When you move to a SaaS CMS, your vendor typically takes on the responsibilities of maintaining the system and ensuring it’s secure and scalable. With Sitecore's SaaS CMS, support is included, so you can rest assured that maintenance and infrastructure are taken care of. If issues arise, they’ll be addressed quickly, efficiently, and effectively. And your infrastructure will be ready to meet future market trends.

Speed to innovation

SaaS offers marketers increased speed to market and reduced friction. Day-to-day tasks, such as publishing or updating content, can be accomplished quicker. And adapting to new market trends is easier as the entire change process is streamlined. With out-of-the-box templates in Sitecore’s SaaS CMS, marketers can easily create and update content and layouts within templates. By reducing friction in the content and marketing process, marketers can be more responsive, delivering campaigns in hours and assets in minutes.

Seamless upgrades and enhancements

With a consistent cadence of releases and the responsibility of upgrades falling on your vendor, you always get the most up-to-date version of the software without needing to re-implement your solution. We have already realized the initial innovations of our SaaS roadmap, including auto-personalization, JSS compatibility, and digital asset management. As we roll out further features and enhancements, you and your team can use them the moment you’re ready. No need to wait for the right time to upgrade.

Chapter 4

Building and maintaining a long-term partnership

There’s no doubt about it — investing in a SaaS platform can provide benefits for your business, your internal teams, and your customers. But both on-premises and SaaS applications have their place. Your unique business requirements and infrastructure needs will inform which route is best for your organization.

For this reason, we’re dedicated to not only maintaining but also evolving our on-premises offering, in addition to our SaaS solution, to meet the varied needs of our customers. Whatever your needs, Sitecore can enable you to create the experiences that drive competitive advantage and deliver value.

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