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How to organize and scale teams for digital maturity

Using the SBOS Digital Experience Maturity Model

Chapter 1

The digital experience challenge

Digital customer experience management is as necessary today as it is challenging. It requires developing and executing on strategies that maximize engagement and lifetime value. This is done by providing contextualized experiences that match the real-time intent of customers and prospects no matter where or when they take place, across geographies and lifecycles.

Our guide, “Digital Experience Management: Organization and governance,” created by the Sitecore Business Optimization Services (SBOS) team, is designed to help those managing today’s digital experience challenges. Whether you’re just beginning your journey to customer experience maturity or leading a large, complex, and mature organization, you’ll discover deep insight and practical guidance on developing, managing, and scaling a high-performance digital experience program inside, including:

  • How to use Sitecore’s Digital Experience Maturity Model® to understand and mature your digital experience program
  • The core- and extended-team roles required for success in each digital experience maturity phase
  • Best practices for scaling teams to match higher maturity stages, including commerce teams
  • Efficient ways to manage programs of large scale, scope, and velocity

Chapter 2

The challenge and the opportunity: Personalized engagement at scale

Done right, the virtuous loop of personalized engagement maximizes content investments, delivers memorable experiences, drives emotional connections, and offers competitive advantage. Maturing your digital experience program is how you get there.

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Chapter 3

Understand where you’re at: Interested, Converted, Trusted

Based on assessments of more than 3,000 organizations, our Digital Experience Maturity Model (DXMM) helps organizations understand their current state and how to reach the next levels of excellence.

The Interested Phase

Beginning with the executive sponsor, key team roles for this phase are explored in detail, including how to build a small, agile team that can get the ball rolling quickly.

The Converted Phase

Discover the roles needed in this phase, which expand alongside the sophistication of customer engagement.

The Trusted Phase

In this phase, customer experience is the center of an organization-wide digital transformation vision and strategy, and the roles will change accordingly.

Chapter 4

Working with marketing and technology solution providers

Partners and agencies with expertise in digital experience require additional investment, but they can drastically accelerate time to value, reduce costs and risks, and help ensure your team is trained on and benefits from the latest best practices: 

  • Marketing agencies
    Can help with marketing, branding, and messaging strategy; campaign development and management; advertising; programmatic buying; and more. 
  • Sitecore Solution Partners
    Sitecore has around 800 Solution Partners who provide broad professional services focused on strategy, implementation, and support of the digital marketing technology powered by Sitecore and related products. 
  • Marketing data services
    Provide a wide-and-deep set of second- and third-party data as well as services to enrich your understanding and enable you to better identify, target, and nurture users.
  • Marketing technology providers
    Adjacent martech vendors can help you deliver a robust, fully connected customer experience throughout the lifecycle with CRM, email and marketing automation, ad tech, video, social, commerce, and more.

Chapter 5

Developing your organization

Examine the three fundamental organizational models for managing digital experience programs:

  • Independent
  • Centralized
  • Hybrid/Matrixed

A Marketing Operations Center can act as a coordinating mechanism, a shared services center, and a collaboration catalyst. Discover how to set up yours as well as various ways to effectively organize departments for optimal output and ROI.

Chapter 6

Managing content marketing initiatives at speed and scale

The right program governance can drive alignment, coordination, and a focus on the customer experience. Learn the skills your team needs and how to design solid program governance. This section also outlines how to develop a comprehensive digital experience strategy, including specific programs, a road map, and a global playbook to align teams. 

Agile marketing

How to organize and scale teams for digital maturity image 2.png

The guide ends with a deep dive into agile marketing. Grasp why more and more marketing teams are embracing agile and how to set your organization on the agile path, including:

  • Project and program management strategies and practices
  • How to shift cultural and organizational structures and mindsets
  • Team workflows
  • Technical solutions that facilitate an agile approach

Explore the full guide now: “Digital experience management: Organization and governance.

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