SmartOSC Corp.

About SmartOSC

SmartOSC is a premium, full-service e-commerce agency for leading brands and e-tailers helping brands design and deliver a smarter, more personalized customer journey to boost engagement and conversion across channels. Based on Sitecore, SmartOSC develops automated, data-driven e-commerce solutions that place the customer at the center of the process.

With over 350 specialists consisting of certified Sitecore developers, .NET specialists and e-commerce experts, SmartOSC is able to offer fast, cost-efficient, and scalable services. The company is behind the success of many projects for premium brands around the world.



SmartOSC works closely with brands to define business requirements, project scope, functionality, and potential risks. Their consulting team brings effective digital solutions based on their experience of over 500 successfully delivered projects in various industries.


SmartOSC’s development team helps brands create highly customizable and scalable content management functionality, as well as e-commerce systems based on extensive Sitecore capabilities including Sitecore Experience Commerce™ and Sitecore Experience Database™.


SmartOSC builds a practical, user-friendly, and responsive interface that works seamlessly across devices, with an intuitive back-end to deliver an engaging, personal experience for your customers.

System integration

With Sitecore xConnect, SmartOSC can integrate your CRM, email service, ERP, in-store customer information, and other services into Sitecore for a more seamless experience.


SmartOSC offers complete end-to-end managed support services to make sure your system is not only up and running smoothly, but continuously optimized to keep up with the competition.


To know more, visit smartosc.com, email [email protected], or call:

United States (+1) 843 300 5117

Singapore (+84) 24 3762 0248

United Kingdom (+44) 20 8390 2587

Japan (+84) 24 3762 0248

Australia (+61) 2 8007 5069

Vietnam (+84) 24 3762 0248


SmartOSC Corp.