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Sitecore + Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Personalizing the B2B Commerce Experience

How do B2B brands inspire happy customers & create loyalty? It’s time to get personal!


Personalization Insights

When planning consumer commerce strategies in the evolving digital-first landscape, personalization has become a baseline requirement.

Sitecore’s Amber Bartholomeusz and Wunderman Thompson Technology’s Kieron McCann discuss the key findings from the report, and how businesses can use personalization to enhance the customer experience.

Expectations in the B2B space are increasing and if these expectations aren’t up to scratch, B2B buyers won’t hesitate to move on. Do you want the insights to get ahead?

In the first 12 months of the pandemic B2B expectations changed

B2B clients were not satisfied with purely transactional purchases. Now we know they are just as interested in the quality of the buyer experience, and personalization is the key to giving these buyers what they want.


90% of B2B buyers said they now expect to receive B2C experiences when making a business purchase online


73% of B2B consumers said receiving personalized experiences mattered to them


55% of B2B buyers switched all suppliers, and 23% did so because of bad online experiences


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When planning consumer commerce strategies in the evolving digital-first landscape, personalization has become a critical requirement. With 90% of B2B buyers expecting a B2C experience when making a business purchase, B2B brands must deliver a seamless, personalized customer journey.

Get the guide which outlines how B2B organization can adopt a customer-centric approach built around personalization, and lock in customer loyalty and long term buyer relationships.

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Wunderman Thompson Commerce’s B2B Future Shopper Report presents a detailed and big picture view of purchaser habits and preferences across the B2B journey, and how to succeed online.

About the research from Wunderman Thompson Commerce

Based squarely on the opinions of professional buyers, Wunderman Thompson’s research presents an in-depth look at attitudes, opinions and habits on the client-side of purchasing supply chains – insights that are invaluable to suppliers seeking to gain maximum traction in their markets.

The report is based on a survey of 604 B2B buyers, including purchase managers, procurement managers, purchasing clerks, agents and C-level executives. In their report, Wunderman Thompson Commerce presents their findings, with questions covering habits and preferences at every stage of the B2B purchasing journey, and this survey data offers a ‘big picture’ view covering channel choices, technology, purchasing paid-points and desired solutions.

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Personalization: How do I get started?

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