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Composable Commerce Accelerator

Accelerate time to market and minimize risk with Altudo's Composable Commerce Accelerator

Achieve flexibility, speed to market, and reduced cost with the Altudo Composable Commerce Accelerator including prebuilt modular architecture, commerce storefronts, admin app, integrations, rich text custom components, and DevOps templates.


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Journey to Composable

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Brands that move to composable digital commerce architecture can launch new ecommerce initiatives quickly and deliver better customer experiences. However, getting started with the journey from legacy systems to composability can be challenging. The cost and complexity involved in an architectural rethink can make it difficult to justify the move for some brands.

The Altudo Composable Commerce Accelerator provides prebuilt modular architecture, commerce storefronts, an admin app, integrations, and rich text custom components to simplify and expedite your composable journey, reducing the cost and risk involved.

Benefits of Altudo’s Composable Commerce Accelerator

  1. Improve speed to market and launch new storefronts within weeks instead of months.
  2. Blazing fast browsing performance with perfect Core Web Vitals.
  3. Reduce cost with prebuilt and ready–to-launch storefronts, admin dashboard, components, and integrations.
  4. Increase agility and flexibility with plug-and-play platforms on demand.
  5. Reduce risk with our already developed and tested solution.
  6. Enjoy a shallow learning curve via a user-friendly and intuitive admin interface.
  7. Fully SaaS enabled tech stack and hybrid cloud ready.
  8. Modern and future-proof, seamlessly integrate with your existing or new ecosystem.
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What’s included in the Composable Commerce Accelerator?

Learn more about the features of this purpose-built solution.


Full composable stack

Adopt LCNC with plug-and-play ease, prioritize template-based flexibility to avoid vendor lock-in, and provide a composable mesh to switch platforms and enable new capabilities.


Headless commerce

The prebuilt Next.js components accelerate migration to headless, delivering a blazing-fast browsing and shopping experience with perfect web vitals.


Multi-storefront implementation

Prebuilt multi-storefront capabilities, such as multi-catalog browsing and single cart and checkout, enable brands to seamlessly create and cross-sell across multiple storefronts.


Seller admin app

Focus on speed to market for business users while reducing their learning curve through our unified admin user experience for sellers, suppliers, operators, merchandisers, and CSRs.

The Ultimate Guide to Composable Commerce

Explore the depth of headless commerce, along with its various benefits. Our guide covers topics such as composable commerce, the steps to get started, and the best practices to follow.

Download now
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Accelerating Value in Composable Commerce

Uncover the future of ecommerce with our on-demand webinar on Composable Commerce. Dive into practical insights on implementation and management and discover how it can enhance your business.

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See the solution in action

Theme-based homepage and other content pages seamlessly linked to a multi-brand, multi-site shopping experience.

Rich content pages

Create rich content pages as per your brand guidelines that are also SEO friendly.

Multi-shop experience

Bring all your brands together in one place for an easy-to-navigate, multi-shop experience.

Ecommerce experience

Easy-to-use and customizizable shopping experience.


Perfect core web vitals for the ultra-fast ecommerce experience.

Order management

Order-related data along with daily, weekly, and monthly analytics.

Create and manage catalog

Upload products, create categories, and SKU-level details for your ecommerce store.

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