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XM Cloud Migration Accelerator

Expedite and lower the cost of migration to XM Cloud

Simplify, speed up, and lower the cost of the migration to XM Cloud with Altudo's Accelerator that includes blueprints, automated testing and content migration, DevOps templates, and 70+ headless components.


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Brands that migrate to XM Cloud realize significant top- and bottom-line value. However, the migration from Sitecore XM/XP to XM Cloud can be resource-intensive. The cost of rebuilding the solution is occasionally too high to justify the move for some brands. The Altudo XM Cloud Migration Accelerator provides a set of templates, blueprints, automation, and 70+ prebuilt headless components to simplify and expedite the migration, reducing the cost of moving to XM Cloud and making the platform accessible to all brands on XM/XP.

Benefits of Altudo's Accelerator

Numbers speak louder than words for the companies that move to XM Cloud

  1. 15%+ reduction in the migration timeline
  2. 20%+ reduction in migration cost
  3. Predictability through automation with scripts and templates
  4. Shortcut to complementary product selection with curated options for search, analytics, data, and forms.
  5. Automated client UI testing
  6. Training and enablement with gap analysis and change management.
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What’s included in the XM Cloud Migration Accelerator?

A complete toolset to help shortcut the modernization to XM Cloud.


Composable system blueprints

Shortcut the planning process with pre-curated options for search, analytics, reporting, data, and forms to complete the stack with XM Cloud.


Headless accelerator

70+ prebuilt components in Next.js to accelerate the migration to headless with static site generation.


Infrastructure & DevOps automation

Reduce the effort on setting up a custom CI/CD pipeline with Altudo’s templates for enterprise clients that need to go beyond XM Cloud Deploy.


Migration & testing automation

Scripts for fully automated content migration and client tool UI testing for speed and stability.

Essential guide to XM Cloud migration

Discover the hybrid headless CMS and its capabilities, along with reasons to make the switch. The guide discusses the advanced features of Sitecore XM Cloud, its ability to improve your digital experiences, and considerations before you migrate.

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A pragmatist's look at the value of XM Cloud

A no-nonsense look at the impact of XM Cloud on the bottom line. Get a practical, experience-based side of the story as you consider XM Cloud for your project roadmap.


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