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Uncover consumer desires through cognitive psychology, validate and quantify through advanced analytics

Neuroanalytics™ helps you identify the functional and emotional needs of your customers to deliver validated insights.


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Merkle’s Neuroanalytics™ allows you to truly know your customers and understand their intent, so you can create the most effective and relevant experiences across every facet of your marketing. Along with Sitecore Personalize, by introducing Neuroanalytics™ early in the engagement funnel, you set up the audience and decision mapping that will create a strong backbone for your marketing strategies.

Trained moderators work closely with you to combine qualitative insights with survey instruments. Together, these measure consumer interests, emotional needs, personal value and product needs, as well as preferences and perceptions, to provide validated insights in a Consumer Decision Map (CDM). The CDM allows you to build personalized strategies across all channels, including those that drive customers to your site.

Understand how your consumers make decisions

To create optimal brand messaging, companies must understand consumer journey needs and desired experiences to which they can align their content. The Neuroanalytics™ process is focused on discovering motivations and applying them to your strategic and creative processes for optimal results.

This is done with CDMs that visually map your customers’ functional and emotional motivations, how these are connected, and how important they are to the customer.

The CDMs deliver specific insights into copy, design and navigational changes that will be relevant to your audiences. These strategies can then be translated into the decision models built in Sitecore Personalize, so you can create effective messages and experiences targeted to the right customers.

Armed with CDM information you can get a clear understanding of the true personal value behind how your customers make decisions and tailor your brand messaging to fit their needs and desires.

Drive tangible benefits for your business

  • Decrease cost-per-lead
  • Increase conversion rate
  • Improve social engagement
  • Increase site engagement
  • Increase customer loyalty and retention
  • Increase customer lifetime value
  • Optimize your customer journeys

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