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Journey Science Jumpstart


Accelerate your personalization strategy with Sitecore Personalize & Perficient Journey Science

Optimize your customer journey using Sitecore Personalize and Perficient’s Journey Science methodology in 6 weeks


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Experience Design


As customers interact with your brand, they expect frictionless experiences across every channel and touchpoint. However, many organizations struggle to piece it all together and fail to meet customer expectations.

Journey Science is a cross-functional discipline that combines research-based insights with data-driven evidence to understand, predict, and optimize the customer journey at every touchpoint.

Sitecore Personalize is meant to be the enterprise personalization engine that allows you to build powerful, scalable experiences and experiments across every platform and channel you use to connect with your customers.

Applying Journey Science to Sitecore Personalize brings a disciplined approach to your optimization strategy, creating a measurement framework to drive continuous improvement of key business indicators.

Move fast, measure, learn and repeat

Starting with an extensive strategy alignment requires buy-in that may not be possible for all organizations. Starting with a data-backed methodology and demonstrating results can help you build the business case for further investment.

This jumpstart helps your team get off the ground quickly, seeing measurable results and a return on your investment in weeks. Our Sitecore strategists and developers will align your teams, develop initial strategies, and accelerate your time to value.

This is a prescriptive and practical approach to getting things configured: setting up tracking on your website, creating a decision model, and configuring initial experiments.

We also define a measurement framework and a roadmap that you can use to drive continued success after the engagement is over.


Our approach

Our Sitecore Personalize Jump Start is a six-week engagement meant to get you up and running and conducting actual experiments on your site.


Discovery workshop

Week 1: We lead an accelerated discovery and requirements session with your team to gather the details needed to get started.


Foundational setup

Weeks 2-3: We configure Sitecore Personalize with our library of assets and configure them to meet your requirements and add tracking to your website.


Build & launch

Weeks 4-5: We build and configure the required templates, experiences, and experiments according to initial strategies we agreed upon during the requirements workshops.


Training & roadmap

Week 6: We train your team on your custom configuration and deliver a roadmap of recommended next steps for the months ahead.

Implementing next-best action with Sitecore Personalize, CDP, and Content Hub

Traditional personalization strategies will group customers into segments and build campaigns targeting specific channels. But when segments are too broad, this approach falls flat and hurts conversion metrics. Next-best action is a better approach to personalization.

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What makes Sitecore CDP + Personalize stand out?

Perficient’s Digital Experience Principal explains why you should be looking to drive your optimization strategy using Sitecore Personalize and CDP.


Immense value in a compressed timeline

Working with an experienced Sitecore partner helps you make sense of a complex product and determine next best steps to move forward strategically and operationally. Here are just some of the benefits you’ll receive from this engagement:

Measurement framework

In our initial workshops we’ll create a measurement framework to identify KPI’s and evaluation criteria for the success of the experiments and experiences we’ll create in this engagement.

Template library

We’ll configure your instance of Sitecore Personalize, introducing our collection of web and audience templates, example offers and decision templates.

Experiences & experiments

We’ll activate 2-3 experiences and experiments on your site that can be used to immediately drive conversions and KPIs on your website.

Decision model

We’ll introduce the next best action personalization model and configure a custom decision model to select a relevant offer based on your customers’ on-site behavior.

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