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Catalyzer Loyalty


Your one-stop omnichannel rewards platform

Catalyzer Loyalty empowers you with deep insights, personalized rewards, and real-time analytics, helping you forge lasting connections to drive your business forward.


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Catalyzer Loyalty is an omnichannel solution that anchors customers to your brand, fortifying your business experience at every touchpoint. An API-first, cloud-native SaaS solution, it seamlessly integrates with Sitecore’s DXP.

Catalyzer's API-first approach guarantees versatility, tailored to diverse accrual types, precisely meeting your unique business requirements. Its cloud-native, MACH-based architecture ensures scalability, seamlessly growing with your business for a robust loyalty infrastructure.

Catalyzer Loyalty cultivates deeper customer relationships, drive retention, and propel your enterprise forward.

Brand loyalty is at an all-time low

In today's competitive market, brand loyalty is facing unprecedented challenges. Catalyzer Loyalty offers a solution to elevate brand loyalty for enterprise-class businesses. Our intelligent, data-driven technology redefines loyalty programs, ensuring a strategic advantage.

Embracing innovation, Catalyzer utilizes cutting-edge AI/ML enhancements to gather and analyze extensive customer data. Powering personalized insights into individual preferences, behaviors, and purchase patterns, enhancing customer engagement through AI-driven recommendations and tailored incentives.

Moreover, Catalyzer fosters community building through social sharing of reward points, extending brand reach organically. By enabling customers to share points among friends and family, it fosters a sense of community and improves customer satisfaction, retention, and brand advocacy.

Catalyzer Loyalty isn't just about loyalty; it's about forging lasting connections and thriving communities around your brand.


The power of Catalyzer Loyalty

Transform loyalty into an omnichannel experience


Modern enterprise class omnichannel

Scalable infrastructure with cloud-native architecture, which seamlessly scales with your business growth, providing a robust loyalty infrastructure.


API-first and cloud-native

Catalyzer Loyalty is lightning fast. It seamlessly integrates with any ecommerce technology provider.



Provides personalized recommendations based on previous interactions. Offers individual rewards to nudge wanted behavior.


Supports multiple accruals

Catalyzer Loyalty comes with 6 different accrual types out of the box and offers the flexibility to configure as many types as your business needs.

Boost your retention growth

Download your takeaway copy of Catalyzer Loyalty to learn more about how we empower enterprises to implement a customer retention strategy based on loyalty.

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Discover an unparalleled omnichannel retention solution with our cutting-edge loyalty technology: API-driven, versatile, scalable - tailored to transform consumer paths into lasting connections.


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