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Sitecore Digital Asset Management

Nu er det nemt at administrere digitale indholdsaktiver. Sitecore Digital Asset Management (DAM) er din unikke, organiserede løsning, der giver dig mulighed for at opbevare, administrere og finde dine aktiver.

All your assets, right where you need them

  • Centralize photos, layouts, artwork, video, 3D, source files, and more
  • Easily categorize and quickly search through high volumes of material
  • Leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for automated content tagging and image sourcing for reuse
  • Share your saved collections of assets with other users
  • Metadata, digital rights management, security, and global distribution supported
Sitecore Digital Asset Management

Manage your digital assets with ease

Store everything in a snap. Manage what you need in a flash.

Create and upload

Drag and drop files to upload, create data, and add metadata, all with ultimate simplicity, all in one place.

Preview in your browser

Preview images, videos, layouts, animated GIFs, 3D and other file types right in your browser while visualizing metadata and navigating through related content.

Tight integration with design tools

Improve ease-of-use and workflow for DAM users moving assets back and forth between Adobe Creative Cloud.

Total control of your digital rights management (DRM)

Do you have the right to use that image? Keep track and solve the dilemma.

Stay compliant

Mitigate compliance risks by documenting your content usage rights and reduce manual tasks with rules that are automatically enforced. For example, you can document that an asset may only be used in a social media campaign in Belgium during May 2020.

Manage complex metadata

Tag and classify content using metadata for complex rights situations. Sitecore DRM readily supports sophisticated scenarios, such as moving images. Metadata is data that provides information about a particular item’s content. For example, an image may include metadata that describes how large the picture is or the image resolution.

DAM and DRM, hand in hand

DAM and DRM are natural partners, so why not have them in the same platform? Manage searches by rights and check usage rights all within one solution.

Streamline the search to save time

Locate, tag, and share your digital assets with time-saving efficiency.

Find the needle in the haystack

Faceted search and full-text search with suggestions allow you to navigate through large collections of assets in just a few clicks.

Content AI: Leverage AI and machine learning

Automatically tag images and videos with AI. And use Image Similarity machine learning to discover assets for reuse and repurpose.

Search by thumbnail

Thumbnail images make it easy to conduct a visual search through extensive image libraries.

Create custom queries

Use Sitecore DRM’s advanced query builder to customize your searches and instantly narrow search results.

Share public assets in bulk

Once you've found the right assets, easily create a public collection that anyone can download with one click.

Use assets in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Sitecore Connect™ lets you integrate seamlessly to use assets from Sitecore DAM in Marketing Cloud campaigns.