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Create your digital storefront experiences with ease

  • Assemble and build commerce pages with a powerful WYSIWYG editor
  • Support many form-factor experiences: Laptop, tablet, mobile, and more
  • Create and manage multiple storefronts in multiple languages
  • Use prebuilt SXA components for ease of development and short time-to-value
  • Flexible and extensible to support your unique vision
Commerce Experience

Comprehensive content management

Manage all your web and commerce content in one place.

Centralized content

Build and manage all your content in one place. Combine web content with commerce content for richer and more relevant experiences.

Many storefronts, one platform

Create one set of components and content and easily re-use it across multiple storefronts for a consistent experience across the board.

Multilingual support

Native support for multilingual sites enables content editors to manage tasks in one place. Built-in integrations to translation services streamline workflow.

Easily assemble omnichannel digital storefronts

A powerful yet simple tool to build your digital omnichannel storefronts.

WYSIWYG editing

Assemble all your storefronts with prebuilt SXA components and templates, as well as custom-built ones for consistent brand experiences.

Build storefronts faster

Parallelize your process for layout design, theme development, and content editing, accelerating your time-to-value.

Built-in collaboration

Use built-in workflow for content review before publishing. Automatically publish upon approval or at a scheduled time.

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