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Manage all your commerce operations

Manage your product catalogs, update pricing, track and process orders, control inventory, or keep track of customer information with built-in tools.

Commerce operations

Catalog management made easy

Want a simple way to manage all the products you sell? Here it is.

Organize your sellable items

Easily create catalogs, add items to multiple catalogs, categories, and inventory sets, and apply multiple promotions.

One product, multiple variations

Address all tastes and preferences showing full assortments of product variations.

For example, earbuds may come in multiple colors or battery life options.

Fast, flexible, global

Import catalogs from any source using the migration tool. Create catalogs that display on your website in different languages and currencies.

Categorize and link products

Set hierarchies and relationships between categories and products for ease of cross-sell promotion or substitution.

For example, you can classify men’s or women’s apparel, shoes, and socks.

Product bundling

Create flexible product bundles with upgradeable and optional components to drive higher average order value.

Flexible pricing management

Easy-to-use pricing tools let you tailor product pricing for your customers.

Use price books for better control

Make pricing management easier by creating price books. Amass all pricing information for a specific storefront, country, or group of sellable items.

Global pricing options

Set the list price for a sellable item based on different currencies. For example, set the price of the same item at $129 USD, and $119 CAD.

Set pricing by quantity

Offer customers a lower price when they purchase multiples of an item. For example, an $8 item may be reduced to $6 if they purchase 3 or more.

Calendar-driven pricing

Adjust the pricing of sellable items to coincide with important holidays, events, or key selling seasons.

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