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Deliver individualized commerce experiences

  • Use the holistic customer profile in Sitecore Experience Database™ (xDB)
  • Real-time detection of profile and behavior of visitors
  • Cross-channel, cross-session personalization for known and unknown visitors
  • Personalized content, promotions, products, and layouts
  • Extensible to address many different scenarios and requirements

A holistic customer profile to drive personalization

Past purchases, behaviors, and context data combined in Sitecore xDB

Past purchases and affinity

Store customers' past purchases, from online or offline channels, as well as known affinities to brands or categories.

Online behaviors and actions

Track and capture customer online browsing and shopping behaviors, product engagement level, and actions.

Consolidate and enrich profiles

Store comprehensive commerce customer data in Sitecore xDB. Enrich it with data from related external sources.

Real-time personalization of content and products

Deliver a unique digital storefront for each individual customer

Detect visitor profile and intent

Automatically determine the visitor's profile, either as a known individual or as a best-fit persona, and track actions for visitor intent.

Deliver an individualized storefront

Based on continuous tracking and learning, deliver to visitors relevant content including featured products, recommendations, and promotions.

Test and optimize

Track engagement results and effectiveness of personalization approach and adjust to improve performance.

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