Cheetah Digital is a cross-channel customer engagement solution provider for the modern marketer. The Cheetah Digital Customer Engagement Suite enables marketers to create personalized experiences, cross-channel messaging, and loyalty strategies, underpinned by an engagement data platform that can scale to meet the changing demands of today's consumer. Many of the world’s best brands, including American Express, Hilton, Walgreens, and Williams-Sonoma trust Cheetah Digital to help them drive revenue, build lasting customer relationships, and deliver a unique value exchange throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Cheetah Experiences, a Cheetah Digital solution, gives brands and marketers the power to select from a library of more than 85 pre-built experiences, including surveys, polls, quizzes, games, sweepstakes, and more. Enabling brands to collect deep, self-reported information on motivations, intentions, and interests, at scale. Marketers can quickly and easily publish experiences to any owned, earned, or paid digital channel, including websites, microsites, mobile apps, in-venue screens, or social stories, without the need for custom development work.

Cheetah Experiences complements Sitecore to empower marketers to rapidly create short-lived interactive experiences that collect zero-party data and ask, rather than infer, facilitating honest, and mutually-beneficial relationships between brands and consumers.

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