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The Sitecore Discover technology manifesto

Individually tailored experiences in real time — explained


Look under the hood of Sitecore Discover

In an increasingly competitive world, commerce businesses must offer tailored shopping experiences, and do so at scale. Many solutions claim to provide AI and machine learning tools that will help, but how can technologists and technology leaders be sure they can deliver?

The Sitecore Discover technology manifesto peels back the layers of our highly sophisticated machine learning-driven commerce platform, explaining:

  • The importance of our unique combination of algorithms — deep learning, collaborative filtering, clustering, approximate nearest neighbor, and classification
  • Why our proprietary natural language processing (NLP) search module increases time on site and conversions
  • The solution’s scalability, performance, integrability, and much more

Get the “The Sitecore Discover technology manifesto” and look under the hood of the most sophisticated commerce platform on the market.

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