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Sitecore for Information Technology

Customer expectations driving tech industry's digital transformation

Market leaders in the IT and technology industry are adopting new strategies to keep up with a digital-led customer journey which has accelerated rapidly over the past year.

Drive digital engagement

The most innovative information technology and telcom companies differentiate themselves by providing memorable customer experiences. Earn greater engagement and customer loyalty with the power to structure and manage your customer experience on a global scale.


Emerge stronger and more successful

COVID-19 accelerated digital transformation, however the tech industry in some cases was caught flat-footed and had to pivot quickly to deliver products and services to their stressed customers.

Sitecore surveyed marketers for insights on last year's transformation, and the results will help you stay successful going forward.

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The customer data platform and customer data compliance

Learn why having a CDP gives you a solid foundation for your data privacy compliance strategy.

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Ricoh Asia
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