Making your DAM a true content hub

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In this webinar series, we’ve covered DAM 101 in general and Sitecore DAM specifically. Now that you understand and might already have a DAM, what's next?

In part 3, we uncover how you could maximize the value of your DAM with additional solutions to drive more value from what you've already invested in. We’ll cover:

  • How you can easily plan, create, collaborate, and centrally manage editorial content in addition to your digital assets with an integrated Content Marketing Platform.
  • How you can plan, budget, manage, and control marketing resources, projects, and campaigns with a fully integrated Marketing Resource Management solution.
  • How you can extend your DAM to centralize and automate the management and maintenance of all product-related content for ecommerce and other downstream apps.

About the presenter

Steve Little

Senior Sales Engineer, Sitecore

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