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Unlock Your Personalization Potential with Content


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Learn how to produce content at the scale and pace personalization requires. Discover how to streamline your content production lifecycle.

Whether they want help making a purchase decision, are looking for solutions that help them save time, or just want to get a better deal, modern consumers expect personalized experiences that deliver value. And while customer intelligence and omnichannel delivery are important factors in the equation of a personalized experience, the solution falls apart without compelling, relevant content that connects to each customer’s needs and preferences.

Marketers’ acute need to produce content at the pace and scale necessary to fuel an abundance of channels has thrust them into a Content Crisis—and it’s now the biggest bottleneck to making personalization strategies pay off. So what can be done?

In this webinar, we’ll walk through how marketers can gain control over the entire content life cycle with the right technology to refine content planning, creation, management, and distribution processes to support dynamic, personalized experiences.

Webinar presenter:

Matt Krebsbach
Senior Director of Product Marketing

Matt Krebsbach is Senior Director of Product Marketing at Sitecore, with responsibility for go-to-market strategy and positioning for Sitecore’s web content management, commerce, digital asset management, and content marketing solutions.

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Webinar presenter:

Tim Pashuysen
Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer
Stylelabs, a Sitecore company

Tim Pashuysen is a seasoned DAM & PIM expert with over 10 years of experience in designing and building enterprise marketing platforms.

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