Here at Sitecore, we believe that companies have the power to create amazing things when given the ability to unlock their powers.

Teams of all shapes and sizes achieve more when given the right tools to work the way they want, and we are constantly improving and adding features to support all users’ needs and goals.

Starting today, you can take your work to the next level with Audience Discovery, a feature within Sitecore Send.

New ways to reach new audiences

In the competitive, fast-paced world of e-commerce, companies around the world invest in personalized experiences. They know that when a customer feels connected to a brand, then sales and loyalty will increase. E-commerce personalization, when done right, can energize an existing customer base and turn casual shoppers into repeat customers.

To achieve this, marketers need to find, organize, and target different groups of customers based on different stages of the sales funnel, their specific purchasing preferences, and intentions. How? By dynamically identifying relevant audience segments and creating email marketing campaigns targeted specifically at them.

And that’s where Audience Discovery comes in.

Sitecore Send utilized advanced filtering applications, ML methods, and commerce tools to introduce an innovative way of automatically discovering audience segments according to your customers’ different interests in brands, products, and intent to purchase.

Audience Discovery is a new, powerful AI-driven feature that lives in your Audience tab. From fresh, colored tags that make filtering your members a breeze to brand-new segmentation criteria, our new feature not only enhances your existing Audience use cases but also introduces new ways of boosting your revenue by taking personalization to new heights. Because extreme targeting and super-relevant content are at the heart of Audience Discovery.

For example, if someone is interested in shopping for laptops, then they will get your next campaign for laptops. When relevancy increases, cross-selling and up-selling become more viable. In fact, 80% of e-commerce users only choose companies that personalize their experience.

In a crowded world full of distractions, personalization creates a more personal email experience. It helps marketers cut through the clutter and send emails that feel as if the message was written and designed just for the subscriber.

Using Audience Discovery

Audience Discovery is based on certain segmentation criteria that serve your most important marketing goals and help you identify:

  • The contacts interested in specific product categories or brands
  • The contacts that are most likely to make a purchase
  • Your contacts’ funnel stage, depending on their interactions with your website

If your website is already connected with Sitecore Send, meaning that we can track your visitors’ interactions with your various products, you can start using Audience Discovery immediately in two different ways:

1. Colored AI tags

Colored AI tags next to each member of your website-connected email list. These help you filter your contacts in a convenient way in order to then select them and perform actions like triggering specific automations workflows. You can create custom segments based on audience discovery tags and use this information to help manage your audience.

Sitecore Send offers the following tags:

  • Interest in “x” product category, showing which contacts are interested in specific product categories
  • Purchase intent, showing people who are likely to purchase these specific product categories
  • Funnel stage, showing where in the sales funnel your customers are, based on their interactions with your website (viewed a product, added a product to the cart, purchased a product)

2. New segmentation criteria (rules)

These allow you to define a specific audience subset inside your email lists and send highly personalized email marketing campaigns. Sitecore Send turns the Audience Discovery tags into segmentation criteria so you can create advanced real-time segments based on combinations of your users’ interest and intent to purchase a certain product or from a specific brand, as well as where they are in the sales funnel. You can then address these segments through email campaigns or other actions.

Why you will love Audience Discovery

Created especially for e-commerce and marketers, Audience Discovery will become your next best feature, because, as a powerful addition to Send’s endless possibilities, it helps you achieve your marketing goals even faster through highly personalized experiences that empower you to make stronger connections with your customers.

Unlock a whole new level of email marketing superpowers with the help of advanced AI, allowing you to:

  • Create targeted campaigns to increase conversions within a specific category
  • Better monitor your products’ popularity
  • Identify new profitable opportunities
  • Increase brand penetration
  • Target buyers loyal to a specific brand with new product launches
  • Cross-sell or upsell to another category
  • Cross-sell or upsell within a specific category
  • Swap to an alternative brand within a category

Learn more about Sitecore Send, and let us know if you think our new feature will support your marketing goals and simplify your processes.

Sophie Krokida is a Product Marketing Manager at Sitecore. Connect with her on LinkedIn.