We’re thrilled to announce that Sitecore has been recognized as a Leader in the IDC MarketScape: Worldwide B2C Digital Commerce Platforms for Midmarket Growth 2024 Vendor Assessment. This recognition underscores the power of Sitecore Commerce Cloud (OrderCloud and Discover) as the ultimate solution for brands navigating the complexities of digital commerce.

According to IDC, Sitecore Commerce Cloud stands out as the go-to platform for brands seeking flexibility and a customer-first approach, especially those focused on tech agility, AI, data-driven strategies, or experience-led commerce.

This recognition follows Microsoft's groundbreaking announcement of cutting-edge AI capabilities in the Microsoft Retail Cloud. Among the notable developments is the integration of Sitecore OrderCloud with Microsoft Fabric, promising to accelerate retailers’ delivery of AI-enabled digital experiences.

In an era where generative AI is reshaping the landscape of commerce, marketing, sales, and customer service, Sitecore Commerce Cloud is a pivotal tool for brands aiming to harness the potential of AI. IDC's assessment reinforces Sitecore's ability to empower brands in redefining every touchpoint as transaction-ready and delivering elevated, AI-enabled ecommerce experiences.

From content to commerce, the customer is now the channel

For growth-oriented B2C brands, today’s market and business challenges are multifaceted:

  • Constantly evolving customer expectations, and the need to inherently personalize each interaction with limited access to their preferences and intent
  • Complex operational challenges, including legacy business model silos and managing networks of fulfillment and suppliers
  • Profitability pressures, like razor-thin margins and high merchandise return rates
  • Ongoing security concerns ranging from friendly fraud to ever-evolving challenges in data privacy regulations and criminal activity

Despite these challenges and realities, brands are mandated to be transaction-ready in every interaction.

To prepare to deliver transaction-ready experiences at any touchpoint, brands need to focus on three key things:

1. Align content and commerce via people, processes, and technologies

Transform the way you think about your teams and strategies, away from a siloed disconnect between marketing and commerce, or content and commerce, and to a convergence of the two.

IDC interviewed customers about the convergence of marketing technology (martech) and commerce technology, and 73.9% of these customers confirmed a trend toward this convergence. But to be successful, we see this as more than a shift in how you purchase and use technology. It’s a shift in how people, processes, and technology align within your organization to ensure the ability to successfully deliver strategies and experiences that focus on the customer, not the channel.

2. Activate AI for transcendent commerce experiences

Today, success means transcending conventional boundaries and definitions of go-to-market channels. The AI revolution enables brands to create scale and gain new efficiencies across content operations, channel-less digital experience delivery, and personalized ecommerce at any and every touchpoint:

How can AI enhance channel-less content and commerce experiences:

  • Scaling your content control center capabilities, so you can streamline content creation, optimize your content for SEO at scale, experiment easier, and even auto-generate imagery to enhance shopping and buying experiences across any touchpoint.
  • Elevating all your digital experiences with AI-enabled commerce, through things like conversational commerce, personalized and intent-driven product search and recommendations, and intelligent inventory forecasting.
  • Ongoing analytics and optimization to empower and equip employees and decision makers with intelligence about their customers, products, and orders so they can drive better experiences.

AI- and data-led organizations are focused on harnessing intelligent insights, precise automation, and the latest in AI technology to offer tailored experiences, optimize operations, and anticipate market trends.

3. Unify data to streamline your channel-less commerce experiences:

Brands need to be ready to transact wherever and whenever customers choose. To ensure a unified experience, data needs to be syndicated across all relevant platforms where the target consumer is likely to engage and convert.

It’s important for brands to consider that unlocking the full potential of AI within a composable tech landscape presents both an opportunity and a potential data challenge. The strategic adoption of composable technology is no longer a mere option, but a necessity for growth-oriented brands striving to keep pace with growth, as IDC points out. Managing data across these modular systems becomes the key to harnessing the true power of AI for transformative business insights and customer experiences.

Sitecore OrderCloud’s integration with Microsoft Fabric offers the means for brands to more quickly and easily harness the full potential of AI within their composable tech stacks, driving game-changing B2C experiences, via access to leverageable data.

As Martin Kostal, General Manager, Microsoft Cloud for Retail at Microsoft, said in our initial announcement of this integration, “Sitecore OrderCloud’s integration with Microsoft Fabric will accelerate retailers’ ability to unify data across systems, helping them take advantage of AI-powered enhancements and ultimately delivering a unified, channel-less shopping experience that meets today’s shopper expectations.”

Sitecore enables transaction-ready digital experiences…everywhere

For brands looking to transcend conventional boundaries and definitions of go-to-market channels, Sitecore Commerce Cloud offers a solution that enables them to marry their content and commerce strategies, delivering AI-enabled, elevated transaction-ready experiences across any and every touchpoint.

In their assessment, IDC outlines how Sitecore Commerce Cloud delivers:

  • Flexibility and agility: With a developer-friendly MACH architecture, Sitecore enables brands to adapt quickly to changing market demands and consumer expectations.
  • AI-powered personalization: Sitecore's AI capabilities empower brands to deliver personalized experiences at scale, meeting the individual needs and preferences of customers.
  • Unified commerce: By integrating content and commerce seamlessly, Sitecore ensures that brands are transaction-ready at every touchpoint, creating a unified shopping experience across channels.

As highlighted by IDC, Sitecore's commitment to AI, data, and unified commerce across all your touchpoints makes us the ideal partner for brands looking to redefine customer experiences and drive growth in a competitive landscape.

Sitecore is dedicated to continuing to deliver innovation and adaptability, and empowering growth oriented B2C brands with the tools they need to thrive. With IDC's recognition, Sitecore reaffirms its position as a catalyst for brands focused on their ability to deliver transaction-ready digital experiences anywhere and everywhere.