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Improve World Rankings

Drive Brand and Reputation

Promote academic research to global audiences

We know a key focus for universities globally, is to improve their world rankings as measured by organisations such as THE, RUR, QS World University Rankings.

These rankings not only play a role in attracting new students from here in Australia but also International students.

World rankings drive many outcomes such as improved reputation to obtain grants and research investment from Governments, NGOs and Industry, which enables universities to compete and bring new levels of business value and future income. Coupled with a focus to attracting students, providing world class 1:1 personalised student learning and engagement through to lifelong learning and relationships with alumni.

There are key factors and methodologies that support a better ranking, one of which is increasing your Citations.

Academic research done by universities can help achieve improved ranking results by promotion of and increased visibility of Citations, promotion of your brand and reputation and the opportunity to commercialise the IP, patents, trademarks of the subject matters / disciplines being published.

The promotions of these research documents relies on targeted audiences and personalisation through channels like web, social and user groups to known and unknown readers.

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Art of the Possible

Watch this overview to discover how Sitecore can help drive towards improving your World rankings.

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Become the student-centric university

Deliver better digital student experiences through memorable learning experiences to realise better education outcomes.

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Discover how Australian Catholic University (ACU) improved their student user experience.

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Learn how Open Universities Australia (OUA) achieved a 360-degree view of the student base.

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