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  • Break the traditionalsupplier-customer communication pattern of printed reports and invoices, and branch visits
  • Improve customers’ digital experiences with simple, quick access to relevant, up-to-date information
  • Ensure a seamless connection between SAP and new web portals for accurate, real-time customer data
  • Deliver improvements in sales, retention and customer engagement





  • Developed modern, accessible, intelligible B2B/B2C portals for desktop, tablet, mobile
  • Improved satisfaction and business performance
    • Conversion rate up 5%
    • Retention leads up 37%
    • Bounce rate down 15%
    • Traffic up 18%
    • Sessions per user up 40%
  • Made it easy, fast to access real-time information
  • Provided up-to-date energy consumption data, billing alerts and access to contract documents
  • Introduced self-service and contact features like request contractual changes, online chat and call-me-back button
  • Improved customer experience, personalization and content relevance with SAP integration

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Platinum Solution Partner

Avanade is a Sitecore Platinum Solution and Hosting Partner with a global team of 27,000+ professionals includes digital strategists, designers, and services delivery experts. Their deep expertise includes delivering marketing content management (WCM), analytics, marketing automation, web optimization, and mobility solutions.

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