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  • Improve customer experience when accessing relevant safety information
  • Increase awareness of risks
  • Improve implementation of safety measures
  • Establish better/direct communication with safety officers and executives
  • Improve distribution of relevant safety information
  • Deploy components and landing pages in time for planned TV and online advertising campaign
  • Deliver content in three languages
  • Upgrade Sitecore from 8.1 to 9



  • Deployed a safety information application for 120K safety officers and executives
  • Delivered regular personalized safety information emails
  • Improved customer experience for accessing relevant safety information
  • Personalized safety program rolled out to three pilot industries with many more to follow
  • Personalized landing pages with improved, simplified content
  • Personalized vs. general safety information emails more effectively: 62% unique opens, 32% unique clicks
  • Increased safety content browsing by 19%
  • Cut email bounce rate by 9%

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