Matt Allmark, Marketing Manager and Digital Strategy Lead, BDR Thermea Group


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Improving digital agility to support business change

BDR Thermea Group is supporting the global transition towards more sustainable energy with its smart indoor climate solutions. It is not only changing the products it manufactures, but also the way it sells them – moving from a B2B2C to B2B partner model.

The group’s heavily customized web platforms, however, meant that updating digital content to reflect its change in business direction was time-consuming and costly. With general content management taking up much of the digital team’s time, the company recognized that it needed a more agile digital approach to drive the business forward.


Making the move to composable

In his quest to improve digital agility, Marketing Manager and Digital Strategy Lead at BDR Thermea, Matt Allmark, decided to explore a composable approach. Allmark and his team embarked on a project to deploy Sitecore XM Cloud as an early adopter, in partnership with digital experts Avanade and Accenture Song.

Following a six-week proof of concept exercise, Allmark was impressed by the composable solution’s simplicity, speed, and intuitiveness and initiated a major transformation project, which involved migrating 20 global websites to the new platform. The digital team developed 13 templates and 46 components in Sitecore to ensure consistency, streamline development, and simplify content creation on an ongoing basis.

Next on the agenda, Allmark is planning to use Sitecore OrderCloud to support e-commerce capabilities and leverage personalization, A/B testing, and generative AI.


Future-proof foundations support business strategy and e-commerce plans

Thanks to Allmark’s composable approach, BDR Thermea is experiencing productivity gains of 790% and a 50% increase in back-office performance. With all company websites centralized on Sitecore, Allmark’s project is also expected to deliver annual cost savings in the region of €500,000.

The new sites also provide superior customer experiences, featuring a ‘build your own’ window feature to help customers find products more easily, and offering significant performance improvements, such as 390% faster page speeds for mobile and 79% faster for desktop users. Since rolling out Sitecore XM Cloud, the company has achieved a 43% increase in new site visits.

With Sitecore, BDR Thermea now has the future-proof foundations it needs to achieve both short- and long-term goals at an accelerated pace, supporting its e-commerce plans and digital strategy to 2025 and beyond.