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  • Support shift towards more digital and online accessibility for disadvantaged people
  • Empower audiences to go online for quality information, advice and self-sufficiency
  • Present a zero-discrimination platform with no less than 100% accessibility
  • Increase donor conversion; inspire, support and drive recurring donations and fundraisers
  • Provide a solution for staff to unify content related to sharing, publishing, editing and advice





  • Access to support increased by 24% with bounce rate down to 8% (mobile by 9%)
  • Simplified processes with 39% cut in search refinements
  • Reduced pages from 1,720 to 450
  • Inspired 20% more fundraising page visitors to become more engaged
  • Facilitated meaningful support search far exceeding WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards
  • Made most important content quick to find with search-driven contextual advice
  • Factored in barriers like old technology and poor internet so whole site loads 44% faster
  • Acts as an online accessibility best practice  standard for other UK charities, businesses

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