Sitecore Honorable Mentions 2019

Leading provider of sustainable urban development and business-space solutions

Tenancy with Ascendas-Singbridge Group is about more than renting space. It’s about moving through your day supported by a rich web of tailored services: the lobby signage that announces local events; the mobile app that tells you when the next bus will arrive; the kiosk that lets you alert staff to cleanup needs.

To enable all these services, Ascendas-Singbridge sought to consolidate its property websites onto a single platform for security, deployment efficiency, branding consistency, and ongoing innovation. Ascendas-Singbridge chose Sitecore as its central, secure platform through which communication flows from user or sensor inputs, to backend systems, and back out in the form of relevant omnichannel communication including electronic direct mail. Sitecore connects different touchpoints, different backend systems, and then pushes communication out in an omnichannel manner. The company uses SitecoreXP, xDB, and EXM on Microsoft Azure PaaS for easy scaling. Sitecore partner Tekcent helps Ascendas-Singbridge unleash the solution’s full potential.


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