Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Czech energy giant develops personalized mobile experience

As innogy establishes itself as the modern energy company of the future, it made sense to create a unique mobile app from which its customers could monitor their natural gas and electricity consumption. The energy company had already implemented Sitecore XP as its web platform and personalization framework. Why not use it to reach customers on mobile?

innogy and its trusted technology partner, Internet Projekt, developed an Android- and iOS-native application that downloads consumption data from IoT sensors and then downloads meter data into the app. With the new app, Innogy customers can view real-time usage details while receiving personalized news and promotions.

Using Sitecore XP 8.2 as a headless CMS, editors and marketers (using WYSIWYG tools) can input content and send targeted messages to various segments while front-end developers have the freedom to use the tools they want to create and deliver a great mobile experience.




Central & Eastern Europe

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