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  • Largest employers in the Czech Republic who advertises openings on special human resources (HR) portals
  • No one website promotes the benefits for working for innogy
  • Self-promote innogyas modern, flexible and innovative employer and boost their image
  • Establish relevant communication with candidates
  • Integrate new HR website with external system
  • Track form submissions on external HR portals
  • Increase amount of responses to job offers 





  • Created a dedicated HR and employment website –innogyKariera
  • Increased the appeal of innogyas an employer
  • Uses content & context marketing strategies and increases conversion rate (+ 48%)
  • Increased curriculum vitae(CV) submissions (+11%)
  • Boosted number of vacancy views (+14%)
  • NPS increased from 30 to 39
  • Time to hire decreased from 17.6 days to 15.6 days
  • Website traffic increased (+7.5%) 

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