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  • Decrease time to create and deliver content and launch new sites
  • Manage content and deliver it across various channels and devices
  • Integrate various internal sites for easier access to internal assets for all stakeholders
  • Improve search
  • Build Sitecore on top of Fujitsu’s own K5 cloud platform



  • Subscription license with flexible response to system expansion
  • Content management function that can be used without knowledge of HTML
  • Integrated 50 sites into 36 with centralized management
  • Unified workflow and schedule and bundled content functions
  • Successfully built Sitecore on K5 and added two unique functions



  • Decreased website launch time from 2 months to 5 days
  • Manage and maintain 36 sites centrally on Sitecore, decreasing costs
  • 80% content man-hours reduction
  • Content owners managing without HTML knowledge
  • Significant rise in user satisfaction
  • Partner portal on same platform significantly increasing content engagements through personalization
  • 50% faster load speed with Sitecore

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