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  • Improve customer engagement through personalization
  • Improve customer experience by optimizing site performance
  • Improve operational efficiencies by eliminating marketing’s dependencies on IT
  • Reduce cost and optimize workflows by replacing disparate toolset with one integrated platform
  • Redesign and migrate over 400 pages, including thousands of images and videos, in under four months



  • Standardize on one scalable platform
  • Provide a tailored customer experience based on customer data
  • Implement functionality for continuous testing and optimization
  • Enable content approval workflows to streamline processes and increase agility
  • Enable marketing to publish and test content across channels independent from IT



Improved engagement:

  • 5.77% increase in number of pages visited per session
  • 8.7% increase in average duration for each session
  • 2.2 % decrease in bounce rate

Improved site performance:

  • 4.6% decrease in avg. page load time
  • 56% decrease in avg. redirection time
  • 15% decrease in server connection time
  • 34% decrease in avg. server response time
  • 12% decrease in avg. page download time

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