Sitecore Experience Awards 2018

Millennium Hotels and Resorts: A refreshing digital experience

Seamlessly blending Asian hospitality with Western comfort, Millennium Hotels and Resorts owns and manages hotels in over 27 countries—treating guests like family. With a unique range of global properties, Millennium’s hotels are surprising, refreshing, and tailored to their location.

Millennium desired to revamp their digital customer experience to make browsing and purchasing a seamless and effortless process. The digital overhaul had to cover 105 hotels across 5 regions, handle 6 languages, and enable transactions in 25 currencies. It also required integrating disparate backend systems into a unified and easy-to-use e-commerce frontend. Millennium chose Sitecore.

And they’re happy they did. Compared to 2016, the new site’s system usability score increased by 30%. Direct booking on the website went up by 6.22%. Online conversion increased by 27.85%. Loyalty program signup increased 10-fold, and direct revenue is up by 21.8%.




Greater Asia

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