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Danone and the mother’s journey

Danone Nutricia used engaging content for new mothers to dramatically increase growth.

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“We liked that Sitecore was a centralized solution. Having an experience database or customer experience profile in one place is essential to engage in the moment.”

Max Goijarts,Marketing and Technology Manager, Danone Nutricia


  • Achieve marketing and sales ROI by moving beyond low-performing traditional advertising and outbound marketing techniques
  • Become brand of choice by providing relevant customer advice and experiences to customers
  • Measure and optimize customer experience quality around the impact of the content, tools, and services on its loyalty website Nutricia For You 
  • Move into e-commerce Move into e-commerce and start selling directly to mothers in addition to traditional channels


  • Sitecore® Experience Platform™ 8 with the Sitecore® Experience Database™
  • Experience Analytics
  • Personalization and testing
  • Commerce Connect
  • Email Experience Manager
  • List Manager
  • Experience Automation


  • Revenue wins: Eight-fold growth in month-over-month revenues since launching its “Mother’s Journey” program
  • Sales growth: 75% each month with an average monthly rebuy growth of 140%
  • Download increases: App downloaded by 28% of new mothers in Benelux in its first year post-launch
  • CX success: Competencies increased across marketing and partner stakeholders
  • New revenue stream: Created a sales channel built on direct, one-to-one relationships
  • Personalization benefits: Conversion uplifts from 19% to 205% across sales, membership signups, and engagement
  • AB and MV testing outcomes: Delivered an ROI more than 95 times the cost to set up and execute a single test


How Danone Nutricia won the trust of mothers

Nutricia collaborated with Sitecore Business Optimization Strategies to improve the experiences of mothers who use the Nutricia For You website––with incredible business results.

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Lukkien: Nutricia’s trusted implementation partner

A Sitecore Gold Implementation Partner, Lukkien is a full-service agency where creativity and technology come together. The agency creates, develops, and implements smart and effective video, photography, and digital communication solutions and has focused on engagement between brands and their target groups since 1972.

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The Nutricia For You website

Nutricia is far more than a food brand. Through its Nutricia For You website, it has become a trusted partner, advisor, and friend to hundreds of thousands of new or pregnant mums as they embark on their motherhood journey. And context marketing has been central to this success.

Learn how:

  • Nutricia built its strategy of getting close to mothers around a customer lifecycle model called “The Mother’s Journey.”
  • By using Sitecore Experience Platform 8, Nutricia established exactly where a mother is on her journey. Knowing what her interests and needs are, Nutricia can now offer appropriate advice and support on any issue—from ailments to bottle feeding.
  • Nutricia’s context marketing efforts have led to incredible business results.
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A powerful platform to personalize experiences

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