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Cocomore AG

Cocomore is an agency for communication and IT with offices in Frankfurt/Main (Germany), Geneva (Switzerland), Seville (Spain) and Pune (India). Cocomore provides communication and internet-based IT solutions with a focus on CRM (customer relationship management), e-commerce and cross-media branding. Long-term clients include internationally operating companies from the following industries: FMCG, media, pharma, retail and the public sector.

Cocomore’s IT service portfolio has a clear business focus: digital communication. Its core business is software development for interactive digital channels like the web, mobile or social media. This increasingly includes ambient media, print and TV media.

Cocomore follows a holistic and agile approach towards software solution development. This includes a 360° requirements analysis involving all relevant stakeholders’ perspectives including consumers, users, internal and external parties. The project implementation is done by cross-functional teams following agile development methodologies, e.g. SCRUM. The teams consist of IT specialists and experts from other fields alike, e.g. e-commerce, social media, mobile, CRM. This approach ensures that the software later optimally serves the business objectives of Cocomore’s clients.

Cocomore has realised projects in over 30 countries and is an active member of the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium).

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