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Winning the Customer Experience Race

CX is the next competitive battleground for marketers. ^ It’s the final hurdle in a decades-long marketing race to win the consumer and keep them loyal.


What’s required to win the customer?

Here’s a hard truth about the modern consumer: they have an unrelenting lack of loyalty. Personalisation matters but only when it adds value to the customer experience and is consistent across all channels. Meet their needs everywhere they are present, and your customers will stick with you. Mess up and you’re out.

When you consider Australian consumers plan to dedicate about 35% of their average monthly spending on discretionary purchases, the value of the customer experience begins to add up quickly.*

But here’s the challenge. Consumers have never been more fickle. They expect a flawless experience with a brand and that can only be delivered by 1:1 in every touchpoint.

They want to have one conversation.

  • They expect you to be in the right place, at the right time, with the right information for the moment.
  • They want consistent interaction across all channels, both online and offline.
  • They want to know that you see them and even more importantly, that you know them.
  • They demand privacy and data security (and who can blame them?)

Get the customer experience right and you have them for life. Get it wrong – or even take a misstep – and you could lose them forever.

Delivering the kind of customer experience consumers reward with long-term brand loyalty isn’t easy. It takes technology and it takes the smarts and experience to know how to use that technology in complex environments. It’s why Sitecore and Deloitte Digital have joined forces.


Using composable tech to drive data activation

Sitecore’s CDP + Personalize is the Smart Hub marketers need to lay a foundation for the ultimate customer experience. In essence, a Smart Hub lets you do smart things with data, to drive your KPIs and meet the goals of the business.

  • Sitecore CDP provides omnichannel data collection and profile unification and lets you tap into real-time audiences and analytics. Think of it as the digital brain of your martech stack.
  • Sitecore Personalize provides decisioning and experimentation functions. It’s also the method to ensure omnichannel experiences for each customer. Consider it the central nervous system to the CDP digital brain.

CDP Smart Hub.jpg


Creating new growth by elevating the human experience

Deloitte Digital takes all the capability provided by Sitecore CDP and Personalize, assesses the opportunity for each customer, and connects everything together. They supercharge a composable martech stack by connecting ideas, technology, and talent to activate revenue growth and reduce operating costs. Each engagement is approached with the same rigour:

  • Analyse a complex marketing environment
  • Understand the business goals and marketing challenges
  • Implement a composable solution relying on Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize
  • Test and measure
  • Automate
  • Scale


The secret sauce of customer experience

Combine Sitecore CDP and Sitecore Personalize with talent from Deloitte Digital and you end up with an unrivalled customer experience engine. It activates your existing data and continually evolves with the demands of the customer at the pace of technology.

^ Deloitte Digital, Embrace meaningful personalization to maximize growth: New research on the value of personalized CX, July 2022
* Deloitte, Global State of the Consumer Tracker, February 2022

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