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Composable Digital Marketing Roadmap


Diagnose digital marketing capabilities and prioritize wins for next 6 quarters

Navigate the vast digital marketing landscape with confidence by participating in our guided framework that will align the team with high-value next steps across all major functions.


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Journey to Composable




EPAM’s composable digital marketing roadmap leads your team through a series of surveys and guided workshops to evaluate the digital marketing ecosystem for your industry. Both functional and technical topics are covered to maximize alignment and ensure concrete actionable outcomes. The engaging sessions help educate your team and generate real-time feedback that naturally surfaces business priorities. By using prebuilt models for maturity and technical footprint, EPAM can design a current vs. future that helps advance business outcomes. Finally, the path to the future state is represented with a prioritized roadmap and a closer view of your first project. Now the team is ready to build something great!

What can a roadmap do for me?

Your industry can be rapidly disrupted at any moment by external change. The antidote is to always be pursuing innovation, grounded in an objective strategy that aligns stakeholder teams. If you already have a roadmap, it can be subject to the following risks: outdated information, missing core competencies, lacking specificity, or ignored during routine operations.

Establishing a revised roadmap today will uncover these risks and provide the team confidence to be ready for the next big thing. Should stakeholders approach you with challenging questions about platform investments or department capabilities, you will be ready, because the due diligence will already have been completed.


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