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Centralize multi-brand, multi-site web operations for a unified customer experience

OneWeb brings the ability to onboard new brands or migrate existing brands to centralized platform and infrastructure in Sitecore. This solves critical problems of multi-brand, multi-site management and enables organizations to deliver a great digital customer experience at scale, with reduced timelines and cost.


Sitecore XP

Sitecore Experience Platform

Sitecore XM

Sitecore Experience Manager


Commerce Experience Design



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Altudo’s OneWeb is best practice for a multi-site, multi-brand DXP implementation. We empower organizations to deliver consistent and standardized experiences across brands, while also retaining the flexibility to deliver unique brand experiences.

Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) or Sitecore Experience Manager (XM) with Sitecore Personalize are critical to enabling the delivery of rich personalized user experiences.

OneWeb empowers organizations to increase operational efficiency and reduce costs, with shorter go-to-market, self-service capabilities, and consolidation of multiple work streams to a Shared Services delivery model. It supports multiple business categories with a centralized delivery model by leveraging automation, and bringing together standardization, simplification, and governance of content operations.

Challenges in multi-site experience management

Challenges like heavy operational costs, fragmented delivery models, scattered operational processes, and disorganized content production and syndication are commonly faced by businesses with multiple websites or brands.

We help businesses conquer these challenges with OneWeb, our Unified Experience Management Solution.

Organizations have seen benefits by deploying Altudo’s OneWeb to centralize their multi-brand and multi-site web operations, which includes:

  • Reduction in budget and timelines to deploy their project or launch a new brand website.
  • Unified code base and DevOps, single backlog and shared services team results in reduced maintenance cost by ~80%
  • Connected martech stack and unified pre-build user journeys to choose from
  • 46% reduction in overall bounce rate
  • 500% increase in consecutive page interactions
  • 355% increase in overall returning visitors

What to Expect from OneWeb?

Growth framework – Customized for industry needs



Multi-brand, multi-site and multi-lingual support with plugged theming


Extensible web toolkit

Global component library that is highly modular and allows ease of personalization and A/B testing


Optimized for web

Responsive design with asset optimization, robust SEO support and support for mobile-first indexing with AMP variants


High reusability

“Do once, use many” principle, e.g. target 90% reusability with 10% net new feature development in the future

OneWeb: Centralized multi-brand multi-site management

By 2025, it is expected that $9 of every $10 will be spent on digital customer experience. Understand how you can make your futuristic hyper- personalized customer experience stronger with organized multi-site management.

Download the eBook
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OneWeb: Unifying multi-brand experience management and digital operations with the power of Sitecore.

This Sitecore Symposium 2021 session showcased how a large CPG enterprise can deploy the OneWeb framework to unify global digital operations. This video will shows the OneWeb framework, Altudo's best practices approach, and how to enable advanced features of Sitecore.

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